Clínica Medrano is your gyneacology and fertility centre

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Happiness closer than you think.

We are your trusted fertility centre. At Clínica Medrano we want to be the beginning of what will be the most beautiful adventure of your life. We put the best assisted reproduction techniques at your reach in order to achieve your biggest wish: to be a mother.

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Before starting.

Doubts and uncertainty are normal before starting any assisted reproduction treatment. In our fertility centre we will answer all the questions you need in our consultation, but you can also read the following section where we inform you about the most important points.

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Fertility Centre.

Thanks to the great advances in assisted reproduction techniques, infertility is a reversible situation in most cases. At Clínica Medrano we are a group of professionals with one sole objective: making your dream come true. Find out about the possibility of financing in all our treatments.

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Happiness begins by enjoying complete health. We like to insist in the importance of doing periodical check-ups to make sure everything is going well. At Clínica Medrano you’ll find all the gynecology services to get a complete check-up.

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Your baby’s health begins with yours. At our fertility centre Clínica Medrano we want to take care of you and your little one from the first moment in which you feel that a life is beating within you. We offer you the best obstetrics service to control your and your baby’s health during the months of pregnancy and labor.

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