The Ovule Donation is a voluntary act, with a totally solidary purpose, whereby young and altruistic women seek to help others to be mothers. Clínica Medrano has an ovodonation program through which many women who can not develop an embryo on their own have the opportunity to fulfill their dream and live the whole maternity experience.

ovodonación marbella clínica medrano


Egg donation tends to be the last resort that women go to in order for them to have children in a biological way. This procedure is especially indicated when:

  • The woman who wants to get pregnant is of an advanced age.
  • Several attempts of in vitro fertilization have failed.
  • When the ovary stops producing ova for natural reasons (early menopause).
  • When you cannot use the woman’s own ovules because of poor quality or hereditary diseases.
  • When the woman’s ovaries are inaccessible for obtaining oocytes.
  • When the patient has had their ovaries removed.


The donation of ovules is a process regulated by law (Law 35 / 1998.22 of November) where it is established that the donor woman has to fulfill a series of requirements such as being between 18 and 35 years old, a good state of mental and physical health, and a genetic history according to the requirements of the current legislation. Being young women, the chances of success are very encouraging, with a rate of between 40-65% of pregnancy in each attempt.

According to the Law, the donation of ovules must be completely anonymous, so at Clínica Medrano we can not reveal the identity of either the donor woman or the recipient. Even so, we have data that may be of interest such as the physical or blood group, useful to choose the ovules whose characteristics are more similar to that of the recipient woman.

ovodonación clínica medrano
donación de óvulos cádiz clínica medrano


The egg donation is an in vitro fertilization process, with the difference that the ovum used is not the patient’s own, but one from another woman, the donor.

In this case, the receiving women receive treatment with the aim of preparing the uterus for embryo implantation; and the donor women, on the other hand, receive the treatment for ovarian stimulation and undergo the surgical procedure of the extraction of the ovules. In the case of women who decide to face motherhood alone, the sperm can also be from a donor.

Subsequently, the semen is prepared with the objective of selecting the most suitable sperm for fertilization. If the semen is from a donor, the one most compatible with the characteristics of the recipient woman will be selected.

Finally, fertilization is carried out using IVF or IVF-ICSI and the highest quality embryos are transferred to the mother’s uterus.