Infertility is a problem that around 800.000 couples in our country suffer from. Clínica Medrano was born in 2006 with the aim of making happy those couples and women who want to achieve motherhood and do not achieve it by their own means. Since the beginning, we have maintained levels of excellence in all services provided to our patients. We put all our means with a single objective. Your happiness.

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If there is anything we have clear at Clínica Medrano it’s that we are people dealing people. Every case is unique, that’s why we study them in depth to find the most appropriate solution for needs of each patient.

Empathy, understanding, optimism and dedication are points that cannot be missing in our work, and our team of professionals know that. We are aware of the difficulty of the moment our patients go through in the instant that they get in contact with us to ask for our help, so since they set foot in the clinic our mission is to make them feel comfortable and confident. The whole experience of our centre is designed so that you can find the feeling of tranquility and safety that you need.


At Clínica Medrano we work every detail every day to improve the assisted reproduction techniques that we use on our patients. There are many factors that contribute to the success of an assisted reproduction treatment, but without doubt, having the latest technology and techniques are a key element to achieve the success of a subject as sensitive and relevant as motherhood.

We know that starting an assisted reproduction treatment entails a great economic and emotional investment. At Clínica Medrano we demand the best quality in all the techniques and technology used in our assisted reproduction treatments with the aim of multiplying the chances of pregnancy.

At Clínica Medrano we are up to date with the latest news in the field of assisted reproduction, such as the new embryonic monitoring system: Primo vision, that allows us to observe the embryos through a camera from when they are fertilised to the moment of transfer, and that way, being able to pick the ones that have a higher chance of being successful.

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The success of Clínica Medrano, center published in the main Scientific Societies of Fertility, resides in the effort to give the best possible assistance to all those couples that face fertility problems. The smile of our patients to feel that they have fulfilled their dream is the best guarantee we have.

After more than a decade of history, Clínica Medrano has a great experience and results that place us in first in terms of assisted reproduction in the Campo de Gibraltar. We have managed to bring happiness to many homes, not only in our country, but also, many foreign couples choose us to make their dream come true.


Whatever the family model with which you will face your treatment in Medrano Clinic, we will find the solution that best suits you and your preferences.

More and more women decide to face motherhood alone, or at a late age for personal reasons, which complicates the possibility of conceiving naturally. With the right fertility treatment they do not have to give up achieving the dream of motherhood.

In addition, if you face motherhood with a female partner, there is the possibility of living a “shared motherhood” in which both women put their two cents for the gestation of the future baby (IVF ROPA method)

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