At Clínica Medrano we know that undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment is not easy for people who wish to have children and cannot achieve it naturally. That’s why we give you a series of tips that will be of immense use before facing this great adventure:

An active sexual life

It is fundamental to maintain a relaxed and active sexual life, don’t let sex simply become a means of achieving your objective. You never know if the pregnancy will come when we least expected.

Don’t get obsessed

Patience is a fundamental pillar for when you’re wanting to get pregnant, be it in a natural way or through a fertility treatment.

It’s a two person thing

Count on your partner You have to talk and express emotions. Remember that although the woman is the one who usually bears the weight of the treatments, the man also has a bad time. Accepting naturally the emotions that may arise, without being blamed, helps overcome it.

Seek support outside the couple

Sometimes when the success in the treatments is delayed, it is necessary to let off steam with someone outside the couple or to resort to psychological support if necessary.

Trust the specialists

Trust the specialists and be careful with the information published on the internet.

You are not alone

Don’t feel like someone that’s isolated. There are many people that have gone through or are going through the same process.

Carry on with your life

Don’t make the treatment the primary objective of each day, continue with your daily activities and keep your body and mind occupied with your interests.

Having a healthy life is fundamental

Taking care of eating habits, carrying out physical exercise, and reducing the consumption of tobacco and alcohol improve the functioning of the whole organism. Everything influences when looking for pregnancy, and the better we are, the more likely we are to achieve our dream.